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Outpatient Rehab And Behavior Health Services In Millbury

We know that outpatient rehab in Millbury shouldn’t be the same for all patients. This is the reason why our experts at The Counseling Center will evaluate and place you in the right form of care based on your stage of rehab. Our services for outpatient rehab address addiction and underlying co-occurring disorders and teach you the skills you will need to get your life back.

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Get The Treatment You Need In Our Intensive Outpatient Program In Millbury

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Millbury offers mental health counselling and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Millbury. IOP is suggested if you don’t require constant inpatient treatment but still need a set schedule of counseling to sustain your sobriety. It is a natural next step if you have finished inpatient rehab and want to keep building on what you learned there.

Each week in IOP, you’ll start with three sessions of group therapy and a single personal therapy session. These are designed to give you the help you need to stay away from drug or alcohol use while performing your day-to-day commitments. You will expand your understanding of addiction, address your mental health, and then return home to your customary daily activities. Prescription management may also be an element of your IOP approach.

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Address Co-Occurring Disorders In Our Mental Health Outpatient Program

Our Mental Health Outpatient Program covers an extensive range of treatment in Millbury. This non-residential program consists of three group therapy sessions per week and a customized schedule for one-on-one and family therapy. Sessions are conducted during the day and evening so you are still able to take part in your usual daily work and family obligations.

In this program, you’ll:

  • Work on effective coping strategies
  • Gain insight from other attendees
  • Mend relationships
  • Receive care for mental illnesses
  • Advance toward your recovery objectives

Get More Intensive Care In Our Partial Care Program

Our Partial Care Program is our highest level of treatment for The Counseling Center At Millbury. We recommend Partial Care if you need more structure and support than our IOP Program offers. You’ll spend a minimum offive hours each day, five days a week, while being supervised at our facility. This more aggressive schedule helps you address your mental health and keep yourself sober. Then, practice what you learn while staying at AffinityOne, our partner living facility.

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Control Cravings With Medication-Assisted Treatment

Cravings are often a tough obstacle when you’re trying to avoid relapse. If compulsions are inhibiting your recovery, the skilled therapists at The Counseling Center Millbury can assist with Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). In MAT, you will be given approved medications to minimize cravings and eliminate the urge to use drugs or alcohol.

When it’s integrated with treatment sessions and healthy habits, MAT may help some individuals attain enduring recovery. Our team administers comprehensive appraisals before endorsing this treatment and customizes MAT for each patient. This is merely one of the ways we help you lay the groundwork for long-term recovery.

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If you or someone you care about is having trouble staying sober grappling with mental disorders, help is accessible now. Contact us at 508-433-3866 or fill out the form on this page, and a member of our team will respond promptly, no matter the time or day. We are ready to serve you.