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DUI Evaluations Near Millbury

If you have just recently been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), it is essential to grasp the severity of the situation and the potential effect it could have on your daily life. A DUI assessment near Millbury -- sometimes called an alcohol or drug assessment -- determines the extent of your substance use issues and appraises the level of risk you pose to yourself and other people. This evaluation is vital to the legal process and guides your next actions, such as detox, therapy, various forms of treatment, or education, with the ultimate goal of stopping future impaired driving incidents .

What To Expect During Your DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center At Millbury

The Counseling Center At Millbury provides professional DUI assessments near Millbury. We view these appraisals as just one stage toward getting your life back on the road. You can expect professional staff in a non-judgmental setting when you get here.

We keep DUI assessments straightforward. A trained, certified clinician will inquire about your substance use and medical past so we may get a better understanding of your experiences, habits, and perspectives around substance use. Once we have your answers, we’ll determine the probability of you getting another DUI offense and if you should require ongoing classes or addiction therapy to prevent another event. Our clinicians are skilled in identifying the difference between drug and alcohol addiction and a one-time incident and will not suggest unnecessary care.

After your appraisal, we’ll draft a detailed report of our conclusions to present to your probation officer or officers of the court. We aim to present complete and unbiased information for anyone seeking a DUI assessment near Millbury. We hope the findings we present will help you obtain the aid you require to improve your life. If you have concerns or questions, call us at 508-433-3866 for more information about how we conduct DUI evaluations.

Why Come To The Counseling Center For A DUI Evaluation?

You don’t have an option when the court requires you to get a DUI evaluation, but you can pick where the evaluation is performed. The Counseling Center is an recognized licensed provider in Massachusetts. We are conveniently located near Millbury and you can set up your DUI evaluation in one quick call.

Our expert clinicians are well versed in administering precise DUI assessments. They comprehend how crucial this evaluation is for your current legal situation and your future. They question you in a thorough manner and make mindful, comprehensive notes and proposals to the court.

Our team is also happy to address any concerns about the evaluation process or cost. If you are concerned about the cost, inform us, and we’ll collaborate with you to establish a payment option that is best for you.

If your assessment advises you to receive care for a substance use disorder, we are here for you. The Counseling Center provides specialized care for drug and alcohol use disorders and co-occurring disorders. Our mental health services supply several levels of treatment to match different needs. We deliver understanding, evidence-based medical and psychiatric therapy to help you fight substance addiction and associated mental health concerns. No matter if you just visit us for your DUI evaluation near Millbury or come back for therapy, our aim is to help you reclaim control of your life.

Arrange A DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center At Millbury

If you or a family member are in need of a court-ordered DUI assessment near Millbury or more details about overcoming drug or alcohol use, The Counseling Center is able to help. Dial 508-433-3866 or submit the contact form below for prompt support. We respond at all hours, 365 days a year. We are standing by to support you.