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Individual Counseling Near Millbury

Individual counseling is vital for overcoming behavioral and mental health disorders. Our professionals at The Counseling Center strive to give you customized , empathetic individual therapy sessions near Millbury that address your challenges and help you reach your life’s goals to live healthier and happier. Call 508-433-3866 today if you require treatment for mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

People We Support With Individual Therapy Near Millbury

The Counseling Center is an outpatient facility that serves adults and teens at least 14 years old. We supply one-on-one therapy for individuals who need professional treatment for substance use recovery and mental health disorders but are stable enough to live at home without round-the-clock care. Contact us at 508-433-3866 at any hour to find help for: 

Individual Counseling Enhances Mental Health

Individual therapy is frequently the initial level of care recommended after a mental health diagnosis. That’s why therapy will play a crucial role in your individual care plan that focuses specifically on overcoming your trauma and triggers. In a private environment, you'll consult with a qualified therapist to explore your disorder and how to handle it so you may still live a satisfying life. During treatment, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover how to identify and avert negative behavior and thought cycles
  • Discuss your trauma, triggers, and feelings
  • Practice valuable coping methods to manage symptoms
  • Grow confidence
  • Work on positive habits and life skills
  • Work through any obstacles or concerns with a skilled mental health expert

We aim to help you improve and continue sound mental health. Mental disorders can’t be ”healed” in a classic sense, but we can partner together to get you feeling confident enough to live the life you wish to have.

Individual Counseling Is A Key Part Of Addiction Recovery

After completing detox and inpatient rehab programs for substance use, you still are entitled to specialized support to assist your recovery. Come to The Counseling Center for individual counseling near Millbury. As part of our outpatient substance use services, we’ll match you with a qualified therapist who is familiar with the unique mental health obstacles of addiction and recovery. Working privately in a non-judgmental surrounding, you’ll have the chance to 

  • Recognize the core causes of your drug or alcohol use, such as co-occuring mental disorders and trauma
  • Examine the detrimental feelings that contributed to your drug or alcohol use
  • Address mental health difficulties stemming from your addiction
  • Learn appropriate methods to cope with emotions and stress without drugs or alcohol
  • Go over techniques for averting triggers of drug and alcohol use 
  • Learn healthy habits you’ll need for long-term recovery 

Ultimately, our objective in individual counseling is to give you the tools to ward off relapse and maintain sobriety.

What To Expect From Individual Therapy At The Counseling Center At Millbury

Our patients’ needs are always an important ingredient in what we do at The Counseling Center. To best meet your needs, we personalize a treatment plan for each individual, that includes our individual counseling near Millbury. You may call us at 508-433-3866 day or night to find out more about our services and arrange an in-person or telehealth appointment.

During your first appointment, we’ll conduct a personal assessment to grasp why you have come to us and what types of care make sense for you. Then we will craft an individualized plan of treatment with the info we gather. The majority of our patients get individual therapy as a component of their care plan.

How often and what strategy your therapist takes with your care will be contingent on your particular needs. You could experience therapy twice a month or weekly for maintenance or every weekday if you would benefit from more IOP services. Our experts are also proficient in various kinds of counseling that are proven to help improve mental health and prompt change. Your therapy may include a mixture of:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to see how to redirect destructive behavioral and thinking patterns
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to learn positive ways of dealing with distressing emotions
  • Trauma-informed therapy to recognize how traumatic events have triggered your mental health condition or drug and alcohol use 
  • Motivational interviewing to kindle motivation for changing bad habits and replacing them with constructive ones

Individual therapy is vital for managing mental health and addiction as it gives you the chance to speak about sensitive feelings with a skilled practitioner in a private surrounding. Our therapists know about the stigmas of addiction and mental illness and keep your conversations classified. We work hard to make The Counseling Center a safe place so you can get the most out of your care. Together, we can find solutions for the obstacles that are preventing you from living life to the fullest.

Find Individual Counseling Near Millbury Today

You deserve skilled, personalized therapy for mental health and substance use recovery. Reach out to us at 508-433-3866 or submit the contact form on this page, and we’ll reply to help you right away. We answer regardless of the time or day. We are here to begin your treatment now.