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Medication-Assisted Treatment Near Millbury

Drug and alcohol treatment is different for each patient. As part of our various treatment programs, The Counseling Center supplies Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for Millbury area individuals. This beneficial strategy helps many people deal with withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings that tempt them to use again. Under the guidance of our experienced clinicians, you can receive medication treatment to help you move forward in your substance use recovery and meet your sobriety goals.

How Can Medication-assisted Treatment Help?

Medication-assisted treatment utilizes FDA-approved medications to alleviate the symptoms and urges of alcohol and drug addiction. We are aware that withdrawal effects and cravings are uncomfortable and make it a challenge to overcome addiction.

We combat those impulses with medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol. Our credentialed medical professionals will consult with you to determine your ideal medication and dosage. Throughout your MAT in Millbury, we monitor how you respond to the medication to make sure you don’t have detrimental side effects and you continue to receive the treatment on schedule.

Medication-assisted treatment is most successful when incorporated with accredited therapy, peer support participation, and established sober habits. The Counseling Center near Millbury is proud to give you this comprehensive degree of care. We merge mental and medical health care to treat the ”complete you” and battle drug and alcohol addiction from every angle to provide a greater chance of recovery.

Medication-assisted Treatment With Suboxone And Vivitrol

The Counseling Center utilizes prescription drugs such as Suboxone and Vivitrol to stave off cravings and relapse as you go through alcohol or drug use recovery. Here are a few reasons why we turn to these medicines for MAT near Millbury.

What You Should Know About Suboxone Treatment

  • Daily medication ingested orally for opioid dependence
  • Inhibits brain receptors to stop cravings
  • Safe to use for longer periods of time under licensed Medical supervision
  • Minimal risk of addiction

Important Information About Vivitrol Treatment

  • Injection administered monthly for addiction to opiates or alcohol
  • Prevents the brain from experiencing the endorphin rush from substance use
  • Safe for extended use under a doctor’s supervision
  • Non-addictive

Why We Offer MAT In Millbury

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Providing Medication-assisted treatment near Millbury is just one way The Counseling Center stresses the importance of personalized therapy. For many patients, mitigating cravings caused by addiction supplies them an extra leg up in recovery, and we want to help you find solutions that promote a life of sobriety.

MAT offers several potential benefits for addiction recovery:

  • Reduces withdrawal
  • Halts cravings
  • Helps circumvent overdoses and relapse
  • Gives you the chance to regain your focus on recovery
  • Provides an increased likelihood of lasting recovery
  • Offers a treatment that integrates easily into your everyday life

Who Qualifies For Medication-assisted Treatment in Millbury?

Just like all other treatments at The Counseling Center, we work closely with you to customize approaches that fit your exact circumstances. If you are going to therapy, but the physical obstacles of substance use continue to slow your progress, we may have a conversation about your eligibility for Medication-assisted treatment.

We’ll look at your current degree of addiction, physical and psychological state, and any present co-occurring disorders. MAT is appropriate for individuals who

  • Are stable medically
  • Suffer from opioid or alcohol use
  • Still deal with powerful cravings
  • Are open to getting addiction therapy

If you qualify, we’ll speak about your MAT goals and incorporate that treatment into your individual care plan.

Request Help Now For Alcohol Or Drug Use Disorders

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