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Addiction And Mental Health Counseling Near Millbury

When you’re dealing with a substance use and mental health disorder, you need all the guidance you can find. While one-on-one therapy with the professionals at The Counseling Center At Millbury is critical for healing, there’s also a significant impact from sharing with your peers through group counseling near Millbury. In group counseling, you’ll have an opportunity to understand others’ experiences and share your own in a safe, space. By participating in group therapy near Millbury, you’ll find the support and validation that only other people going through a similar experience can supply.

Who Can Participate In Our Group Therapy Near Millbury 

The Counseling Center assists adults and youth age 14 or older. Our group therapy near Millbury is for patients who seek ongoing support for mental illness and substance use recovery. Because we are an outpatient facility, we treat people who are medically stable enough to live at home and don’t necessitate 24-7 oversight.

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How Group Counseling Bolsters Mental Health

Mental illnesses can make you feel alone. The Counseling Center’s group counseling near Millbury gives you the chance to step away from everyday life and engage other individuals in a welcoming environment. You’ll get the same rewards of private therapy with an added social element. Instead of speaking with one counselor, you can consider different viewpoints from other individuals going through similar challenges.

While friends and family may not identify with your mental health challenges, your peers in group therapy know just how you feel. You’ll be able to discuss your views and emotions with those who know and won’t condemn you. Hearing others’ experiences will help you feel less ostracized or lonely. You can also work on social skills and practice building healthy relationships in a controlled surrounding.

Using validated psychotherapy methods under the supervision of an expert therapist, your group will master techniques for dealing with your condition and life skills as a whole. Collectively, all participants will strengthen their self-esteem and establish the belief they need to live more content lives.

How Group Counseling Helps With Substance Use Recovery

Drug and alcohol use recovery treatment is done through various steps. After concluding detox and rehab programs, you still need and have a right to ongoing guidance. Counseling at The Counseling Center is intended to help you recognize the thoughts and emotions that trigger drug or alcohol use and find methods to prevent or deal with those triggers so you don’t suffer a [[relapse]91]. In group therapy, you’ll talk about your encounters with drug and alcohol use with other individuals who have dealt with the same or comparable situations. Together, you can explore coping methods that have worked for you and learn from others’ perspectives. You’ll also focus on important social skills like:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with challenging people
  • Managing stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healing relationships

Being part of a group helps you recover from the negative thoughts caused by substance addiction. SupportedEncouraged by other individuals who understand what you’re going through, you’ll feel less lonely or ashamed. You’ll be able to speak freely with others without fear of reproach and develop self-confidence as you establish yourself as part of their support network. Over time, you’ll build encouraging relationships with other members of the group that might extend beyond group meetings. The constructive feedback and positivity of group counseling is essential for long-lasting sobriety.

 What You Should Anticipate During Group Therapy At The Counseling Center

At The Counseling Center At Millbury, you can look forward to individualized care considering your distinct challenges and targets. Before we plan your group therapy meetings, we’ll do a personal assessment to review your medical history and figure out how group counseling aligns with your individualized plan of treatment. To get started, please call 508-433-3866 and arrange an on-site or telehealth appointment for your examination.

Most of our patients will participate in group therapy no less than once a week, but you may attend daily if you are in our Partial Care Program. In group therapy, you’ll meet with a trained practitioner and a group that won’t exceed 15 people. Your group will include others with the same diagnosis as you and at a corresponding spot in their mental health or addiction recovery.

Your clinician will steer the discussion, but group members do most of the talking. Eventually, everyone will have the opportunity to share what they grapple with and get suggestions for coping from their peers with comparable difficulties. Collectively, you’ll identify remedies, improve life skills, and build beneficial social relationships. Many connections forged during group counseling become mutually helpful and valuable long-lasting friendships outside of The Counseling Center.

In Need Of Group Counseling Near Millbury?

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